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perfect for your short to medium haired dogs
ear clean,  bath using products for coat type, high velocity fluff dry, brush out,  nail trim

Bath & Tidy
medium to long haired dog
the Bath-Brush-Nail package + trim of paw/paw pads/furnishings
( this keeps a natural looking finish)

Bath & Snow Tidy
medium to long haired dog
the Bath & Tidy package plus extra length taken off those areas prone to snowball buildup

Full Groom
medium to long haired dog
the Bath & Tidy plus a full body haircut or shave down & face trim

The Oodles
all "oodle" crosses (ie. Doodle) are in their own category
this includes Bath-Brush-Nails (great for in-between full grooms)
Bath & Tidy (& Snow Tidy) 
Full Groom

Puppy Groom
recommended for puppies under 6 months
this is an introduction to the grooming process 
a gentle bath with tearless shampoo, nail trim, ear clean, brush out

*all prices vary based on size, breed, amount of fur, condition of fur (ie. mats) and temperament of dog- please email, call or text to get a quote




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